Wanhua 萬華

Jia Na Festival

Jia Na Festival (萬華加蚋文化節)

All Photo Source: http://www.whdo.taipei.gov.tw
Massive beansprout picking event
Jia Na Festival (加蚋文化節)is an annual festival celebrated by many Wanhua locals on March 12 (Lunar Calendar). It is usually commenced outside a temple before activities encompassing themes comprising forklore, sports, education, religion, business and aboriginal arts kick start the week. 


These multi-cultural events often attract large crowds of participants and on-lookers. At the same time, it also reminds participants of the past and traditional cultures which their ancestors once practiced. 

A lively festival cherished by many, a significant activity of this festival involves honoring the deity, 保仪大夫神 through having the temple troupes touring Wanhua’s area. In this past, locals pray to this deity in hope to exterminate pests that are destroying their crops. However, as the country progresses, the number of farmers have declined. Thus, most locals now pray in hope for peace and development. 

Religious rituals performed by temple troupes.
Apart from the religious rituals, different clubs and associations also get a chance to showcase their talents. For instance, performances by locals are varied, ranging from line dancing, modern contemporary dance to having live bands perform. Other community wide activities held include a massive beansprout-picking event. Having celebrated this festival for 13 consecutive years, it is proven that this festival holds a unique place the residents’ hearts.

Exhibitions showcasing hand braided products
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