Wanhua 萬華

Youth Friendly Tour

Suggested Itinerary

-Arrive at Ximending in the evening
-Explore the Red House and its evening performances
-Shop around the area
-Take the metro to Longshan Station to enjoy an affordable dinner at Huaxi Night Market


Ximending gets more entertaining as the evening wears on. As a youth, there is more to see in the evening than the daytime because more stores are open. There is a great variety of merchandise to buy but many stores sell the same product so be sure to compare prices before making a purchase.


The Red House

If you want to buy something that is one-of-a-kind then the Red House is the place. After viewing the evening performances, you can head to the back of the Red House where many local designers make handmade goods such as silver jewelry or clothing.

The Red House

Huaxi Night Market

The food at Ximending may be a bit pricier due to its commercialized nature so take one MRT stop to Longshan Temple Station and try out the affordable Huaxi Night Market! There are four night markets in total in the Monga area of which three are interconnected, so you will be sure to find something you like to eat.



Shopping at Ximending: As a tourist you may be approached by young high school aged boys asking if you're from Taipei. If you reply no, they will immediately move onto their story about earning money to pay for high school and ask you to buy their product which could be anything from a fan to a pencil. Beware of this situation and walk away because they are simply sales people.