Wanhua 萬華

Local Delicacies

Taiho Bakery
Website: www.taiho300.com.tw
Location: No. 300 Kanding Road, Taipei City
Telephone: (02)2306-9629

Taiho Bakery is a short distance walk from the Longshan MRT Station and is a favourite amongst locals. The first Taiho Bakery was established in 1946 and began to integrate different types of products from its original sale of bread.

In 1998, the Taipei government awarded Taiho the status of "Taipei Old Store" signifying the legacy of its brand.

Taiho Bakery
Go up to the counter at Taiho and try some of their samples! The friendly staff will happily explain to you what each thing is even if you've never tasted it before.

Taste testing at Taiho
One of the most famous products at Taiho is their cheesecake. It comes in a box with an aerial map of Wanhua. So if you're a tourist to the area, perhaps go to Taiho for a dessert stop and then use the map to discover more of the area.

Taiho Cheesecake
Chen's Oyster Vermicelli
Location: 166, Section 3, Heping W.Road, Taipei City
Phone: +886 2 2304 1979
Hours: 6:30am to 7:30pm.

Taiwan is known for its oyster delicacies and Oyster Vermicelli is definitely one of them. Chen's is a famous establishment in Wanhua with a never disappearing queue out its store front. They only sell one type of product and still attract customers from near and far.

Chen's from Google Street View
There are only Chinese signs around the store, so it can be slightly overwhelming for tourists but it is easy! Just queue, indicate if you want a big or small bowl and sit down at one of the tables on the street to eat. Alternatively you can take it to go and enjoy at a nearby park to avoid the crowd on the street.

The size of the bowl is the same for both big and small bowls, the difference is the number of oysters and pig intestines inside.
Small bowl: NT50
Big bowl: NT65

Chen's Oyster Vermicelli
Monga's Traditional Rice Tofu (艋舺大早味涼粉)
Location: Along Gui Yang Street (貴陽街)

Pushcart selling Rice Tofu
This is believed to be the only pushcart selling the traditional snack in Wanhua and possibly the entire Taipei! Mouthwatering, soft and cool, this is a perfect snack when touring Wanhua District under the scorching sun. While it is commonly found at the junction, being a pushcart, its location may shift. 

Rice Tofu
Location: 166, Section 3, Heping W.Road, Taipei City
Hours:  7:00 to 21:00
Phone: (02)2306-2385

Shrimp Dumpling Noodles
This stalls sells handmade dumplings at very affordable price. The seating area may be a little squeezy though, nevertheless the dumpling noodles are good and filling. 

Guangzhou Night Market's Ice Jelly Honey Lime 
Location: Guangzhou Night Market (廣州夜市)

Ice Jelly Honey Lime Stall
Near a junction, this is the only drink stall that sells Ice Jelly Honey Lime. This drink is surprising refreshing; a must try in this night market! 

Location: Huaxi Street, No. 3, 5, 7

Shop Front 
Opened in 1965, this dessert stall is one of the oldest in the district and probably the best! It’s found at the corner-end of Huaxi Night Market, near Guiyang Street. It is famous for both its glutinous rice sesame balls and glutinous rice cake porridge.

Desserts available in the stall
Location: Huaxi Street, No. 59

Shop Front
Also at Huaxi Night Market, this is another dessert stall with a long history of 55 years. This stall is most famous for its peanut glutinous rice balls, which are freshly made and soft. Definitely a must-try.

Famous Peanut Glutinous Rice Balls