Wanhua 萬華

Food Tour

Suggested Itinerary

-Arrive in mid-afternoon at Ximen Station to visit the Red House to gain a deeper understanding of the building’s architecture and history.
-Visit the Modern Toilet Cafe for tea-break
-Shop along the Ximending Shopping Street for a variety of apparels, shoes, accessories and bags. --Grab some local snacks along the way too.
-Take the MRT to Longshan Temple Station, just a stop away
-Visit the famous Wanhua Night Markets and have your dinner there

Being the oldest district in Taipei, Wanhua can be considered a food paradise, filled with both century-old food outlets selling traditional delicacies and modern outlets that can easily appeal to the young.

Red House 

The Red House is a western-styled architecture built in 1908. It showcases a plethora of performances varying from Jazz to Taiwanese Opera (Yes, you’ll have to pay) and exhibitions displaying not only the history of the Red House but also other interesting art and craft products.

The shopping outlets within the Red House have a whole range of interesting and exquisite merchandises. There’re generally expensive, but if you like designer products (i.e. keychains, accessories, stationery), you may find something you like.

Behind the Red House is a short street of pubs and bars. The locals refer it as the “Gay Bar” (You know what I mean).

Toilet Café

This themed café is located at Ximending Shopping Street. One simply has to walk into the shopping area till you see Starbucks Café on the right side of a junction. Turn left and walk straight towards the end to find the Toilet Café on your right.

Main Course Meal 
This Café is a little pricey and small but the food and atmosphere is good. Regardless of your order, each person will have to spend a minimum of NT80 (no sharing).

Ximending Shopping Street

We suggest that you visit Ximending Shopping Street in the evening because that is when the street hawkers along its shopping street operate. The shopping area is extensive, spanning a few streets which sells a variety of apparels, accessories, bags and shoes for both males and females. This street is also famous for its movie theaters. To try out some local delicacies, you can buy the fried chicken nuggets for just NT50 near the MRT entrance. The shop is on the right-hand side and is easily spotted due to the frequent long queues.
Shopping Area

Wanhua Night Markets

Wanhua has quite a few nightmarkets that are linked to each other. Simply take Exit 4 from the Longshan Temple Station (one stop away from Ximen Station) and turn left. Walk pass Longshan Temple, across the junction and you’ll soon find the entrance of Huaxi Night Market on your right. Huaxi Night Market is most famous in Wanhua, and also officially the first. Apart from Huaxi Night Market, other night markets in the area also sells seafood and pork parts such as pork trotters, ribs and internal organs.

Entrance of Huaxi Night Market

Some of the famous outlets in the night market:

This dessert stall is famous for its glutinous rice balls sweet soup. With different flavours such as red bean, peanut and sesame, you'll definitely be able to find one that satisfies your taste buds!

You'll be able to find this famous hot glutinous rice ball dessert within Huaxi Night Market, at the traditional stall, "Bei Gang Tian Tang"(北港甜湯).


Ximending Shopping Area

At Ximending Shopping area, teenagers who claim that they are raising funds for charity may approach you. These youths can be quite persistent and may be from a larger illegal association. Thus, unless you are interested in purchasing their products, try not to respond to them too enthusiastically. They may not be willing to leave you.

Also, there are also restaurants located on the 2nd/ 3rd floors of the various shop houses found at the shopping district. These restaurants usually have good discounts and promotions. Thus, to grab these offers, do look up to spot their advertisement!
Huaxi Night Market

Huaxi Night Market is linked to other night markets in Wanhua. Walk through all the night markets to taste all the delicious local delicacies!

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