Wanhua 萬華

Entire Family Tour

Suggested Itinerary

  • Arrive before lunch at Longshan Temple to walk around with the children before the crowds
  • Grab lunch at a local delicacy
  • Learn more about Taipei and Wanhua’s history at Bopiliao Historic Block with kid-friendly exhibitions
  • Take one MRT stop to Ximending and visit the Red House to look at art and local designer pieces
  • Eat dinner at one of the many themed restaurants
  • Finish off with dessert like the tall ice cream!

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is a famous establishment in Taipei. It is said that whatever you pray at this temple, it will come true so do give it a try. However, arrive before lunch hour because as the crowds come later in the day it may not be so safe with small children and dozens of lit joss sticks all around.

Longshan Temple

Local Delicacies

There are many restaurants and local food stalls around the Longshan Temple. A short walk will take you to famous locations like Chen’s Oyster Vermicelli or to Taiho Bakery for a treat.

Chen's Oyster Vermicelli
Taiho Bakery

Bopiliao Historic Block

The Bopiliao Historic Block is located next to a primary school and includes old architectural buildings as well as a culture and heritage museum. The museum is very kid-friendly with fun games for them to experience the way school children their age used to live in Taipei. The building itself is great for photography and many couples use this location to take wedding shots.



The Red House

Ximending is only on Metro stop away from Longshan MRT Station. Just take one stop along the Bannan Line toward Ximen MRT Station and depart from Exit 1. The Red House will be on your left.

The Red House


Ximending is popular for youth but is also family friendly because there are cuisines that serve all tastes and street performances to see in the evening. Some fun dining choices for kids include themed restaurants like the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Food stalls along the street also serve fun desserts like tall ice cream which children and parents will love.

Modern Toilet Cafe

Modern Toilet Cafe

Tall ice cream (NT15)


Metro: The Longshan MRT Station is an easy way to get to Longshan Temple. Exit 4 is a one minute walk from the temple but it is slightly hard to find. You must first walk out of Exit 1 at the MRT station, turn right into the Longshan Underground Mall, walk to the end and ascend up the escalators to leave the mall at Exit 4. There are clear signs hung overhead along the way.

Walk to discover: There is much hustle and bustle around Longshan Temple and Bopiliao that is within walking distance. There is no need to take a bus to visit the other famous temples in the area or to find a playground at the local school for the kids to play. If the kids complain that it is too hot, walk into one of the many convenience stores to buy a cool beverage and sit down until they are ready to explore again.

Character: The area around Longshan is affectionately known as Monga (i.e. Bangka) to the local people. Since Monga was the first developed area of Taipei, it has its own character that visitors should take a moment to understand. Much activity happens outdoors under the sun because the locals enjoy the ability to interact with one another in easy proximity. That is why you will see some restaurants with tables out on the sidewalk.

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