Wanhua 萬華

Ching Shui Tsu Shih’s Birthday

Ching Shui Tsu Shih’s Birthday

This celebration has been held annually since the construction of the temple over 100 years ago. In the past, performances known as “Ge Zai Xi” will be presented to the patriarch for a month and locals would cook “Pong Teng Ah”, prepare food such as sugar cake, yam ice, or present items like clayed dolls of Guan Gong. However, such activities are cancelled and today, the festival is significantly less massive.

Temple's Main Chamber

The celebration commences on 6th January of the Lunar Calendar, when people will visit the temple to enjoy the prepared food. Donation will also be encouraged and collected funds will be utilised to garner food ingredients so that food can be prepared for every visitor. The purpose of the celebration is therefore, also to provide food for the people, especially the needy. Other traditional Taoist rituals such as Dipper Worship (禮斗) will also be carried out. During this ritual, a large pale is filled with rice to signify good harvest, then a fan and a sword is inserted into the rice. They are all items to help build prosperity in the future.